About Us
About Us Well, to start with, Movies are that one thing that connects us with you. We are an independent commercial filmmaking company based in Texas, yet the best thing about our company is that we make low budget movies yet meeting all the Hollywood standards. We believe in utilizing and promoting the local talents through our movies. We produce films by putting the greatest team effort into them. We make films in a very cost effective manner. Basically, we thrive on the idea that every film is a journey in itself, which when projected on the screen, becomes a story, a lesson and an inspiration for others. For us, entertainment is multi-dimensional. Every genre has its own charm and own enormity, offering the artists a wide area to experiment in different ways. We Can Help If you're looking forward to stepping into film-making with a limited budget, we are here to consider all your ideas. Our team is fully capable in all areas. We have directors, screenwriters, composers and cinematographers. What makes us different from others is that our members come from minorities and we love to support each other. Our company's environment is friendly and supportive. At the moment, we need our community to get engaged with us. Our Team We have incorporated a great team of professionals. All our team members are passionate artists. Our extraordinary crew is young (and one young at heart), fresh and very creative in terms of ideas and their projection. Their expertise has been acclaimed in their relative fields. Our Team includes director, casting director, screenwriter, cinematographers, producers, assistant producers, and coordinators. The creative team comprises of Dorian Sean, Sophia Devine, Malcolm Harrison, and Maria Elena Sanchez.