Our Current Venture


Our upcoming film is called, "Paranormal Trackers."

Genre: Horror/thriller.

Status: In Production.



The Executive Team


Dorian Sean: Director, Screenwriter and Casting.

Sophia Devine: Producer and Cinematography Coordinator.

Malcolm Harrison: Cinematography and Executive VFX/CGI Supervisor.

Maria Elena Sanchez: Assistant Producer, Composer.





Vishnu Babu:  VFX Supervisor and Composition

Shahroz Zafar:  CGI Supervisor















Why Paranormal Trackers?


Numerous Films have been created in the past several years to explain the inexplicable and unknown phenomenon, the paranormal activities.


We have taken a step ahead to track them, what they are? Why do they come to us? What's their motive?


Our team holds an out of box thinking approach when it comes to filmmaking, whether it's direction, screenplay, or cinematography.